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Our goal at Riff's Workshop is to provide products that go above and beyond expectations.


Riff's Workshop was born from the love of creation and true craftsmanship. From a young age our creator Frank Rifflard Jr. fell in love with creating new inventions from scraps. Once he moved from his childhood home he started to invent new items from the basement through blacksmithing and engineering. His dream was to create something from nothing and with that an idea came. To help others create something from just an idea in their head. To dream of anything and watch us make it come to life. Not only to create the item but with quality and craftsmanship that has not been present in a long time. We believe in the creation of a business like no other one around to put the quality back into items. After all they don't make it like they used to! We are here to change that.

You dream it we make it.

(More coming soon)